Tuesday, 3 May 2016


For reading we are learning about the importance of MAKING CONNECTIONS!
Making Connections helps us to link what we already know about the topic to the text...
Topic: Paua
😄 Text-to-Self connections… Connections to your own life experiences:
Black  Seafood- in the water  Rocks strong shell sweet  Delicious slimy Ocean Paua and cream yummy Diving chewy colourful Shell
Books, Library, EducationText-to- text connections to other books or movies:
Black gold My kitchen rules cams kai life( living channel) Marae kai master Love Nature ( Sky ) Animal channel.
Free stock photo: World, Text-to--world… Connections to what you know about the world or   your community.
NZ- Called Paua Rest of the world-Abalone coastlines Eat them in all cauntires Limits-Quota- Protect paua of the future illegal to dive with bottles better bigger and more in colder laugher waters.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

make 10

WALT Make 10 to solve addition equations.

WILF I have  shown my thinking.

                           _1           +1 139 + 27= 139 + 27 + 139
                      = 140 + 26
                      = 162
WALT: Retell a past event.

WILF: correct sequence of events

No school work today. Were cooking Miss Wihongi. she Excitedly shouted. Solid I thought to myself I love food.    
Miss called my name. I rushed to the back of the class and shoved the gloves on. I snatched a green potato peeler from the pile. I held my red apple in my other hand. I started to peel…

Finally all the skin is off. I quickly sliced my apple into quarters and cored it. I cut my apple into thin slices. I added my load of apples into the big, fat, silver large pot. It’s ready to cook. Off to the staffroom we sprinted. I mixed sugar and butter then flour. It looked like bread crumb. I sprinkled this on top of the stewed apples. I stuck it  into the fire burning oven. It smelt like butter lovers popcorn. I looked into the oven. The bubbles reminded me of a fizzy drink. It’s ready Whanau haere mai ki te kai. Miss Wihongi said. I ran to grab a bowl and waited for everyone else. I slowly scooped a big mouthful yeah I thought. What a big day.    

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Today after brain break we went swimming. There was one that we had to put on a life jacket. If the life jacket was to big it would go over your ears. If you touch the ground you had to do one press up and only Cody Mason Auron and Piringi had to do the press ups because we were doing the wrong lots and lots of times

Friday, 27 November 2015

Kind and supportive things.

By cody-kheian and cody-jae.

how to make a safe and enjoyable learning team.

say kind and supportive things to create a safe and enjoyable
learning team

What you do when the teacher is talking

Let the person talking speak to create a teamwork environment.

thank you for looking at our work I hoped you liked our kind and supported things story.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

This is the flag of France and the if-all tower at night time and the colours of the France flag is red white and blue